Saturday, 4 February 2012


After the meloui and mallorca bread I've rediscovered my love of baking and been inspired to try out some more recipes! So, last week and the week before it was time for some cookies!!

My first attempt was baking Cinnamon Ghoribas from another recipe I found on I have to say it wasn't as quick as it makes out in the recipe, but then maybe that's because I made soo many!! I think the cups I used were a lot bigger than the ones I was supposed to, I basically used a big mug! So in the end it took more like 3-4 hours not 45 minutes! I also decided to divide the mixture in two and make half chocolate, which added more time (my husband is a chocoholic so I thought he might be a little disappointed if there was no chocolate involved!). I also added a little ginger powder to the cinnamon ones (as you can see I like altering recipes to suit my own taste, sometimes turns out really good but not always I have to admit!).

Anyway, they turned out quite nice except I baked them too long (inexperience in cookie baking led me to believe they would be harder when taken out of the oven, I'd forgotten how soft they are at first and then they harden as they cool). They turned out to be a sort of hard crunchy biscuit, nice in tea, but too hard!! One batch was nice though as I didn't leave them in the oven so long.

Well, the next weekend, I felt like trying out some REAL chewy chocolate cookies, so I searched a suitable recipe and came across this one. Again, it had the cup measurements so this time I used a website to convert the quantities into grams - much easier! I decided to half the ingredients so I wouldn't be there forever (I had so many of the ones from last weekend we were struggling to eat them all!). I didn't have peanut butter chips so I used white chocolate chips and fudge pieces (bought some fudge sweets and cut them up with scissors into small chunks). I also didn't use ready made chocolate chips but just bought a bar of chocolate and smashed it up in a bag - I prefer this method as you can get better quality chocolate for the same price as the chips, and I like the way they're not all the same size). They were easier to make than the ghoribas as you don't need to shape them before baking - just put a large teaspoonful of dough in a blob on the tray, give it enough room and and it will shape itself.

Son mis galletas, que rico!

Anyway, they turned out great!!! everyone loved them and I had enough to take in to college as a reward for my AS students who had just completed their January exam. I was wishing I had made more!!! So, on Thursday I had a second go (couldn't wait till the weekend!) and this time used the full amount of ingredients. However, disappointingly they didn't turn out so well, they went really flat. Maybe it was because I added some milk because the mixture was sooo stiff, which was was probably because I didn't soften the butter enough. Oh well, everyone still loved them and they all got eaten quickly! But next time I know this is a recipe I have to stick to step by step. 

Unfortunately this weekend I have to make play dough for my students to make sand dunes, so no more cookies yet! Oh well, probably better for me right! And it's half term the week after so should have plenty of baking time then, woohoo!

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