Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A Palestinian Breakfast

Set off just after sunrise...

Explore the local woods until you come across some sweet wild asparagus..


... and fresh za3tar (tyme)

Continue to explore the sunlit forest gathering asparagus and za3tar

You may come across some interesting things, such as this little millipede...

... or the skeletons of an unfortunate cow... =S

Sit down and check you have enough for breakfast, make sure you haven't gathered up any millipedes!

Don't forget to enjoy the view!

And admire the wild flowers glowing with their rich colours in the sunlight.

Time head back to the village...

Say hello to the neighbours on the way!

Time for some cooking!! Take 4 medium free range eggs from the farm next door...

And find a little friend to keep you company while you cook!

Finely chop some onions and fry in a little olive oil, pressed from your own olive trees.

 Finely chop the asparagus...

Then add to the frying pan.

Meanwhile, break open the eggs in a bowl and add salt and pepper to taste. Whisk them until the yolk and white is combined.

Add your whisked eggs to the pan making sure the asparagus and onions are evenly distributed.

Only disturb to turn the omelette over and ensure even cooking. In this picture it was divided into 4 and each portion turned separately.

Press fresh za3tar leaves onto the omelette... 

And finally, serve immediately with fresh olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, za3tar, yogurt, olive oil, palestinian tea and warm home made bread! you can even add some jam and chocolate spread! yum!


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  1. Salaams Hafsa

    That breakfast looks yummmmy! And in that open environment, wow!
    By the way you look gorgeous in the khimar and the jilbab!

    Umm Abdalla