Monday, 25 March 2013

Looper 2012

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So, I finally got round to watching Looper after seeing the trailer for it when it came out and thinking 'that looks interesting (plus I like Bruce Willis), I'd like to check it out' but never getting round to it.

Have to say my first reaction was a little disappointed, maybe because I'd been looking forward to watching it for so long that I'd built up this idea in my head that it was gonna be great. It wasn't great but it was pretty good and I recommend watching it. The main thing I didn't like was some of it was rather confusing and kinda rushed, took me a while to get into it and feel like I knew what was going on! There was some parts that I ever quite got even after I finished watching it. e.g. the part where old Joe saves young Joe and then suddenly young Joe is looking for old Joe, it's like, hello wasn't he right next to you 2 minutes ago? The time travel thing was a little confusing too and didn't quite add up in some places. Plus I'm never keen on naked scenes, I really don't think it's necessary to actually show someone completely topless from the front! =S

The acting was good though and it did have a good storyline, and a good balance between action and less-actiony scenes if you know what I mean! The ending was cool too, though the little boy freaked me out a bit have to admit! Couldn't decide whether I liked him or not!

If you've seen it, let me know what you think below... oh, and here's the trailer:

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