Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Chocolate Mousse Cake!

My hubby did the Great South Run on Sunday after only two weeks of training! So thought I'd make him an extra special cake to celebrate! Not sure why I decided upon 'diabetes on a plate' but two tubs of double cream and 2 full size slabs of chocolate later I managed to produce this:

I got the recipe from this website, took me ages but at least it actually worked (only collapsed a little on one side cos I didn't tape the parchment properly and there was a gap) and tasted very yummy and chocolaty, and my husband liked it, so that's the main thing... Have to say though I felt quite guilty for making it after... Hope I haven't just shortened his life by a few years!

So, overall a success!! Well it took me long enough! However next time I think I will have a little more cake and lot less mousse! The mousse is lovely but just drowns out the cake. Also the cake was a little dry so next time I will use my standard fail-safe moist chocolate cake recipe (let me know if you want it!). Also I can see why the recipe says to make 8 small ones not one huge one, but I didn't have 8 ramekins and I wanted to make a centrepiece type cake. I think it turned out pretty well considering!

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