Sunday, 4 November 2012

Chocolate and Apple Coconut Macaroons

So, after making the giant chocolate mousse I was left with 8 large egg whites. My dad suggested making an omelette but I'm not keen on white only omelette so I decided some more baking was in order!

I've never actually made macaroons before so I looked up a recipe online and found this one. Only prob was, when I got to the shop they only had desiccated coconut which the recipe says explicitly not to use! I wondered what to do and in the end decided it might be nice to add some other dried fruit so they wouldn't be quite as dry, so I used about 500g of desiccated coconut, 100g of ground almonds and 150g of dried apples cut up small. I then piped some dark chocolate on top for decoration and bit of extra flavour. I haven't tried one yet but hoping the apple won't make them taste to weird! At least they look good!:

Update: sadly they did not taste as good as they looked. They were to dry and the apple tasted funny...=S 

Not a very successful first attempt at macaroons, but they were edible, not horrible to eat just not as nice as the ones you buy! I will have to try again...!

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