Thursday, 24 January 2013

Long Absence....!!

Woah it's been so long since I posted anything!! I've been kinda busy giving birth, moving house and looking after a newborn... full time job alert!! Well, I didn't exactly 'give birth', unfortunately I had to be cut open as my baby was heading the wrong way - up! And 11 days past his due date there was still no sign of him so I had to take the option I'd been doing everything to avoid!

It wasn't too bad when it finally happened, didn't feel much, worst part was feeling sick during the op and throwing up after, but the scar is pretty neat and doesn't look too horrible, I'm more concerned about the hideous stretch marks and the fact that my stomach, 4 1/2 weeks later, still looks like a deflated stripy balloon. I've been applying vitamin E oil to the scar and Palmer's Cocoa Butter stretch mark cream to my stomach but doesn't seem to be helping much yet! Any tips would be much appreciated!! It's so annoying because I was totally stretch mark free till about 38 weeks then suddenly the underside of my bump was covered! =S

Well, I'm going to put a few more posts up about my baby shower and my birth story in the next few days, hope you like them! xx

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