Sunday, 13 July 2014

Fellow Muslim

A poem written by one of my good friends, excellent reminder for Ramadan

Fellow Muslim, I see you there
So quick to judge, but never fair

I wonder much, do you not see
Muhammad's (pbuh) way is gentle, free

Of malice, scorn, so crude and vile
Such spite, your own soul does defile

Your tongue rolls off such noble terms
Yet twisted aims in your heart burn

You break the oath, our Prophet's (pbuh) plea
To harm not man, or beast, or tree

In pomp, conceit, you cast your hate
On those who follow other faiths

You must not know a single thing
Of a just, righteous Christian King

In Abyssinia, in times gone by
Who heard the desperate, needy cry

Of Muslims greater than you, a thousandfold
He gave them refuge, and peace untold

And Muslims who may not comply
With narrow thoughts, you do despise

You see Truth solely in your code
Islam is vast, a spacious road

I put to you a grave request
Consider, would it not be best?

Relinquish hate, a wretched load
To carry to your last abode

And live the rest of life in peace
Thanking Allah for granting lease

To you upon His lovely Earth
For your being, and for your birth

Our time is fleeting, much too brief
To share not fruits of real Belief

Spreading goodness, in word and deed
God willing, that we may succeed

- Bassil Abuali

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