Tuesday, 8 July 2014

This seemed like a good idea at the time...

One date later..... enough said!

We did manage to finish them in the end, 2 days past their best by date! Somehow fasting makes me feel justified in eating whatever I want in those 5 short hours between iftaar (breaking fast) and suhur (starting the next fast). Especially after watching that programme about the fast diet where you can apparently eat whatever you like in-between fasts.

Anyway, despite realising that food shopping just before iftaar is not a great idea I couldn't resist buying 3 packets of pancakes last night at ASDA, even though I'd already made an apple crumble for desert... (we ended up freezing one pack) though to be fair they had been reduced from £1 to 5p! Now that is a bargain I couldn't refuse! In fact, I still have some medicines to collect from their pharmacy so I might go back today and see what other offers I can find!

Has anyone else been shopping while fasting and then found it impossible to actually eat everything they bought?

One thing to keep in mind though, while talking of all this food (why am I talking about food while fasting anyway what is wrong with me!!?) is to be grateful that our fasts are only temporary. Even though 18-19 hours is a long time to go without food or water, I can't imagine what it must be like for people who are fasting due to lack of food rather than choice. Thank God I know that I can have whatever I like to eat this evening (God Willing) even though I have to wait another 6 hours. Imagine knowing that all I had was some watery soup or a few bits of bread. Imagine those people who don't even have access to clean drinking water (13% of the world apparently). How does that even work?And people here about complaining about having to go without coffee etc. You can see some more info about global water issues here. For now though, I'm going to stop thinking about food and try to finish my Masters application once and for all!

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