Monday, 10 September 2012

Back to 'school'

It's that time of year again, summer is coming to a close and new students are arriving to begin the arduous task of AS levels, little do they know they hardship that awaits after GCSEs! Still, sometimes I wish I was taking my A-levels again rather than teaching them!

Worryingly, only 3 students turned up to enrol for geography last week, but another 2 have been added this week, and usually a few more drift in during the first few weeks of term having being disappointed elsewhere or only made up their mind at the very last minute! 6 would be good, I don't really want more than 9 or the marking gets tedious.

This is also the time of year where I start to regret having barely done anything over the summer. Ok so I didn't do nothing at all, in fact, some would question why I did any at all when I was supposed to be 'on holiday'. However, the last minute rush of trying to prepare everything makes me wonder why I didn't prepare it in advance! I have 4 days left before teaching begins and I have half a scheme of work for one class. This week I still have to do 2 more schemes of work, plan a field trip, finish and print student handbooks and tutorial forms, get my red folder in order (ha ha!) and try to have some decent lessons ready for Monday.

To be fair this is my third year teaching geography A-level so I do have lesson resources from the last two years. However, having had no proper scheme of work or lesson plans and only a half hearted attempt at organisation I have inevitably lost or misplaced or forgotten how a lot of it fits together. Normally this wouldn't bother me too much, there's not need to be organised on paper as long as it's organised in your head right??

This year is different though. I don't plan to be here for any longer than the next 10 weeks and 4 days (yes I am already counting down days) before taking a rather extended break to, if all goes well (inshaAllah), to undergo hours of the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life (or so I hear), the result of which will hopefully be the tiny person who is currently residing inside the rather large bump that has appeared around my middle.... =D

In short, I am expecting baby Garcia this December (exciting!), that's unless he/she decides to arrive in the toilet at work as happened in my dream last week. Fortunately I found out we have a resident midwife at the college so I'm no *too* worried! Increasingly frequent comments on how 'huge' my bump is however, and how therefore I must be having a gigantic monster baby are not doing much to keep me calm and relaxed about the whole thing!

I am excited though, which is making it difficult to concentrate on work as I keep thinking about baby names and which sling to buy when I'm supposed to be planning... but I really want to try to get everything in order before I leave so that whoever takes over will have an easy a time as possible, and hopefully this is also help my students feel confident that  a change of teacher halfway through term isn't going to negatively affect their results.

Right, time for me to get some rest, I need as much energy as I can for tomorrow as I need to have a super productive day after today was spent mostly wasting time stuck in traffic or trying to stay awake while undergoing staff training that, after half an hour, i just couldn't absorb any more of (yet it continued on and on for what seemed like most of the day...). Goodnight!

p.s. this is the sling I've ordered, what do you think??

Lenny Lamb Indian Summer Baby Wrap

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